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This world is full of broken promises and empty dreams, yet for some reason we live in it anyway that's something I'll never understand. I see the one who stole the one person who could have made me feel the opposite of this and yet now the only happiness I had is gone now because of it. I feel more dead than alive but the only thing keeping me going anymore isn't myself but those who would actually miss me. My heart is slowly fading away to the darkness that's getting even stronger within me. And from what I've been noticing, nobody seems to fucking listen to me anymore!!!! So fine if nobody's willing to fucking listen to me i'm not going to bother anymore!!!


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United States
Aspiring Writer, Cosplayer (I made all my cos plays myself), Novice Photographer, Visual arts major, Comic Artist, Freelance Promotional Dancer, novice costume designer

Member of: SCCG (Sacramento Comic Creators Group), Ministry of DDR, and Leader of Artist Who?, Monochrome Visions

My Novel/Comic Series' -

. Darker Conflict - (Asian Horror/thriller/Murder Mystery/Science fiction - rated M)
. Darker Conflict: The Inferiority Complex - (Asian Horror/thriller/Murder Mystery/Science fiction - rated PG13)
. Kuroi Ken - (Fantasy)
. W.O.N. - (Mecha based Science fiction)
. Demon's Chimera - (Science fiction)
. Broken Doll - (Horror/Thriller)
. Dimentia - (random humor)
. Reaper's Angel - (Modern Fantasy)
. Gun Metal Stallion - (Science Fiction)
. Miko Mikono - (Science Fiction)
. Magic Wars - (Fantasy)
. Unnamed Story (will name it someday I promise) - (Dark Fantasy)
. My Charming Celestial Fighters - (Sci fi/Fantasy)
. Gem Knights - (Fantasy)
. My Little Hooded Girl - (modern fantasy/romance)
. Moonlight Academy - (Fantasy)
. Lyconus Delgatta - (Fantasy)
. Democity - (dark Fantasy/ADULT)</i>
. Silver Strand - (modern fantasy)

all my series are copyrighted and More will come eventually

Various Short Stories
. The Forgotten Child
. The Dream Weaver

. Various Fanfictions
. Abduction into White - (bust a groove Yaoi)
. Undead Guardian Angel (Maggot Boy possible yaoi)

and other series to come most likely.....

Ever since I can remember, I've always wanted to be artistic in some form or another. Growing up was rather difficult for me, considering how people seem to often treat those that are viewed as different. I've struggled immensely with my disabilities my entire life, without even knowing what they were, until the year 2010, when I learned the reason as to why I had felt, like I was different from almost everyone that I had come into contact with. Friendships were hard to keep for me, because they couldn't understand me, and often times, I felt like no one ever could, not even me. However, the one thing that got me through all the emotional hardships was my writing. Without it, I honestly don't know how I would've stayed sane for as long as I have. I recently became a member of the SCCG as of September 2011 after meeting the founder in person at Sacanime. My most recent book series, "The Darker Conflict", is very personal and dear to my heart, thank you to those of you who are the fans of my series The Darker Conflict and the Inferiority Complex and my other works, I deeply appreciate all your encouragement and support. When I get around to picking back up some of my other series' I'll post them up on here.

More Projects will come in time ....

Favorite genre of music: Techno Mainly, J-Pop, K-Pop, Rock, Classical, Anime
Favorite photographer: my buddy Vilay
Favorite style of art: Any really
MP3 player of choice: Ipod touch

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um hey guys I've decided I'm really not gonna be using this da account anymore as DarkEyesL so I'm going to transfer everything from this account over to this one thank you for your patience with me
DarkEyesL Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you guys think I should delete this account or keep I'd be making a new account on here either way
DarkEyesL Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
sorry that I haven't updated in some time now had a lot going on that i'm not sure i really wanna talk about I will try to get back to working on the books and the comic soon though as soon as I get my computer back and my scanner that is
MiniDonut Featured By Owner May 11, 2012  Hobbyist
Happy Birthday.
DarkEyesL Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That song's awesome ^_^
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thank you *hugs* ^-^
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